China News – December 4, 2012: Bo Xilai Linked to Macau’s Gambling Grounds

In today’s NTD China News, Vietnam accuses the Chinese regime of sabotage, after China announced its plans to patrol waters in the disputed South China Sea.

The investigation into Bo Xilai’s alleged crimes may have reached Macau, with reports that Chinese authorities questioned six men from the gambling hub about their ties to the disgraced official.

The United States Securities Exchange Commission has charged the Chinese units of five top accounting firms. It’s over an ongoing battle to access accounting documents produced by the Chinese firms that the SEC wants to examine, to see whether fraud has been committed in the listing of Chinese companies on the US market.

Another Tibetan monk has set himself on fire to protest Chinese rule. 29-year-old Lobsang Gendun died at the scene, according to rights groups, when he self-immolated near Penak monastery in Qinghai province.

China and other major greenhouse gas emitters have resisted calls from the EU to set caps for emissions production during talks in Doha, Qatar.

Chinese authorities have filed a notice at the WTO, which could require foreign smartphone makers to tell mainland regulators about applications or software updates before they can be released in the Chinese market.

Recent data have shown that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death by injury in China, highlighting the habitual violation of road rules by Chinese road users.

A blind man in China has overcome his disability by making a living through fixing computers for others.

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