Man Bets His Wife During Gambling

A husband loses his wife in a gambling debt.

You think you’ve a gambling problem? Wait till you find out what one man gambled away.

He hails from the Ghaziabad district in India and was booked after allegedly losing his wife in a gambling bet. According to his spouse, several of her husband’s gambling companions arrived at the home to literally collect her.

She was able to flee from the scene unharmed and eventually went to the police station to file an official complaint. It seems the marriage may have been troubled from the start.

The woman claims that he had prompted her to have sexual relations with his brother-in-law in the beginning of their relationship.

Earlier this year, a divorce battle got quite nasty when a man in Australia claimed in divorce court that his wife should pay his exceedingly high gambling debts because she married him “for better or worse”.

Luckily, the judge rejected that motion.