Sarah Phillips Fired From ESPN Gambling Column for Alleged Internet Scams

Sarah Phillips, the recently fired ESPN gambling columnist, is doubling down after what appears to be a double fake-out.

Phillips—whose true identity is still somewhat of a mystery—was reportedly hired by ESPN to be a gambling columnist for the network’s website about a year ago. But according to, the young woman has since used her ESPN position to scam at least two people, demanding they pay her for everything from fictional website advertising to bad gambling advice.

Some have even wondered if Sarah Phillips is a real person or just the name used by a ghostwriter. Whoever she is, an ESPN spokesperson tells Deadspin that Phillips has been terminated. But that hasn’t stopped Phillips from defending herself on Twitter, writing:

“I made poor choices with who to trust. I’ll correct that moving forward. It’s not an excuse.”

Speaking of poor choices, did ESPN really hire a freelance columnist without ever meeting them in person?