The Truth about Online Gambling, Net Neutrality, and the FCC

Online Gambling, Net Neutrality, and the FCC – FCC and their corporate shill, Ajit Pai, have successfully killed Net Neutrality for the time being. We look at what that means for online gambling and the future of the Internet without the consumer protections that were stolen from us. Links to gambling news stories, games reviews and special offers below.

This Week’s Special Offer:
Gossip Slots:
Links to This Week’s Gambling News:
Ajit Pai Killed net Neutrality:
FCC Uses Fake Comments:
FCC Deception about Cyber Attack:
Ajit Pai Admits FCC Lied:
YouTube/Netflix Throttled by ISP’s:
Verizon Restricts Firefighter Data:
Net Neutrality Could Have Stopped Verizon:

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