YouTube banning gambling channels without warning

Great wave of reasonless bans swept through the YouTube. Unknown number of gambling channels, as it is written in «PlayUSA», were suspended due to «repeated or severe violations».
00:41 – While some gambling were banned, monetization policy was changed for others. And you know what? YouTube knows how to beat shit out of its users even without banns. Great job! What’s worse for you: your channel is banned one morning or everything is pretty fine except there is no ads running!

03:56 – Rizk casino is answering the questions of players on Casinomeister forum and there are some interesting one’s. For example.
– What exactly is sent between the participating parties when I press “SPIN”.
a. between me and the casino operator
b. internally at the casino operator (if anything other than player balance check)
c. between the casino operator and the gaming server
d. return to casino operator
e. return to me

Rizk Casino answers submitted players’ questions here!!